Safaricom Unlimited Internet Offer too less too late

Safaricom yesterday responded to the broadband price reduction call by introducing a unlimited internet offer promotion which looks like a test promotion. The offer looks like a test because it only lasts upto 8th February from 26th January. Thats 14 days test which will make them know whether their network can handle that.

I find that something like a fumble. Safaricom should not be fumbling in the market now. It should be confident because its the big player here. Safaricom should have the most superior network and handle any amount of subscribers because otherwise we will tend to believe that they only make the great profits because they have inferior equipment and go for cheaper cost at the expense of quality.

And imagine Ksh 1000 = 7 days and so 30 days will be Ksh 4,300 and thats very high still. We want to see the costs go below Ksh 2,500 per month for unlimited connection.

The offer is also after I sent some management and asked them when we will ever see the true reduction in internet costs around. Safaricom, Zain and Orange is not doing any good service to Kenyans and its sad that after even the selling of Telkom Kenya against our wishes, the Kenyan government has still failed to push fordelivery from the same. Which country sells its communication hub? Which country? Even Tanzanians and Ugandans refused to let theirs go.

I think that it will be very good for Dr Bitange Ndemo to push for reduction of costs and also know that however many content conferences they organises. non wil come when the costs are high. And he promised a blog post on this. We are waiting Bwana PS.

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