Safaricom Now Selling iPad 2 to Corporate Clients

Apparently Safaricom has tried through its mother company, Vodafone UK, to get Apple to consider shifting the exclusive iPhone deal from France telcom to itself. This has failed. Orange Kenya still has the exclusivity in the market if not the region.

In the meantime, Orange Kenya is not selling the iPhone 4 to any individual client as from about July 2011. The device is being sold exclusively to only selected corporate clients. Now you understand why since launch, Orange Kenya has not sold more than 1,000 pieces of iPhone in Kenyan yet this is one of the most sought after device in the grey market.

But Safaricom is not letting the fight for superior phones leave it behind. Already the company is boasting its portfolio with great HTC, BlackBerry, Samsung and LG phones. Through the Safaricom shops, you can now but the following phones;

  • BlackBerry 9900 at Ksh 56,999
  • HTC Sensation at Ksh 54,999
  • HTC Desire at Ksh 49,999
  • HTC Chacha at Ksh 33,499
  • Vodafone Blue at Ksh 6,999
  • Huawei X5 at Ksh 24,999
  • HTC Wildfire 29,999

Safaricom is also reported to be selling Apple’s iconic iPad and iPad 2 through its corporate offering. We couldn’t get the pricing for the iPad one but the iPad 2 with Wi-Fi and 3G is priced as follows;

  • 16 GB at Ksh 85,999
  • 32GB at Ksh 95,999
  • 64GB at Ksh 111,000

I have just been informed by an insider that the only available iPad One is the Wi-Fi 16GB which goes for Ksh 82,599. The iPad will be a perfect gift for someone you love this season if you can afford it.


Written by Robert

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