Safaricom Now Brings You A Music App Starting July

Safaricom CEO, Bob Collymore

Safaricom will in July launch its own music app.

Bob Collymore, CEO Kenya’s largest communications company, said the app will enable artistes sell and upload their music.

” Skiza is great but you need to be able to stream your music. People need to be able to buy and stream your full tracks. That is why we are launching the Safaricom music app where you can put your music up for sale. I don’t believe your music should be free, it doesn’t work for me, ” he said.

Speaking to artistes from the Coast region, Bob Collymore assured them of transparency.

He said that the artistes will know exactly how many tunes have been downloaded.

More than 14,000 artistes enrolled in the Skiza tune platform were also promised to get better pay.

”Artistes that are part of the Skiza platform will now get paid like their international counterparts.”

Bob said that the President urged him to ensure that local artistes reap more benefits from the platform.


Written by Eva Nyambura

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