Safaricom Launches New Animation Marketing Campaign

East and Central African leading intergrated solutions provider, Safaricom, has today unveiled a new animation based way of communicating with its 15 million-plus customers. The animation has been produced and directed by Kinematic studios. led by Stefano Cassini.

Featuring an animated character called Safis and put together by the firm’s Marketing and Communications Department in partnership with ad agency RedSky, the campaign is meant to convey the benefits of Safaricom’s superior product and service offering in an exciting and easy-to-understand manner.

“We are very excited about this fresh direction in our communication. At Safaricom, innovation is second nature and we are always trail-blazing in all our functions, including the way we communicate with the market.

The name Safis is shorthand for Safaricom and is meant to capture the essence of the brand in a hip, classy and contemporary manner.

Through Safis, we are demystifying the complexities of the communications world and presenting them to the market in a simple and fun way that they can relate to and understand,” said Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph.

The new series shall be conveyed on a multiplicity of platforms including print, electronic, digital and experiential and is principally meant to amplify Safaricom’s value added services (VAS) and ongoing innovations.  It will also be available on the popular SafaricomLIVE portal and as Wallpaper.

Based largely on a visual platform, the campaign is designed to resonate with a wider group of people, improve stickiness with the Safaricom brand, while affirming the values inherent in the firm’s thematic direction, Niko na Safaricom, which was launched last year to wide acclaim.

In the past, Safaricom has established a solid reputation for re-defining corporate communications in Kenya. Headlined by the use of Swahili and some stunning photography and video images of the country’s unparalleled beauty, Safaricom’s advertising has succeeded in underpinning its authentic Kenyanness and driving affinity with its 15 million-plus subscriber base.

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