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Safaricom Foundation Donates Medical Equipment to two facilities in Kibra

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The Safaricom Foundation has donated various medical equipment to St.Mary’s hospital and Mary Rice Centre in Kibra through its Ndoto Zetu initiative.

St. Mary’s hospital, which has been facing difficulties in attending to patients in a catchment area of 2,000, received incubators, ultrasound machines, delivery beds, hospital beds, microscope, sanction pumps, waiting room chairs and shelves all worth Sh500,000.

Ndoto Zetu Initiative
Twenty-two weeks expectant mother, Jackline Vihenda, during her first prenatal check-up done by Constance Okoth, a nurse at St. Marys Medical clinic in Kibra.

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Mary Rice Centre Kenya, which takes care of 80 children living with disabilities in Kibra, received therapy equipment valued at Sh300,000.

Ndoto Zetu Initiative

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