Safaricom Deploys a New 3G Billing System from Huawei

Safaricom has migrated its 3G billing to a Huawei Online Charging System (OCS). The company which formerly used a PCRF system has now deployed the Huawei system which brings with it few changes in the 3G pre-paid billing.

The system will now allow Safaricom clients to buy multiple data bundles if they so wish. like when you buy a 25MB daily bundle and exhaust it before the day is over. You will not have to wait till the next day to make a buy. The system will also allow subscribers to renew bundles through services like Okoa jahazi and Bonga points.

The service has two disadvantages. One is that if you buy a bundle, say 25MB, and you don’t use it within the specified period, the system will expire your bundle. Another is that all billings expire and are renewed at midnight. So if you buy a bundle at 3pm, expect it not to expire at 3pm the next day. That is the unfortunate part of it.

Find details about the changes here Prepaid Data Bundles Migration

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