‘We Can Rule While In Exile,’ Raila Says As Swearing In Ceremony Fast Approaches


railaNASA leader Raila Odinga does not have to run his parallel government from Kenya should he be sworn in as the People’s President on January 30, he told Voice of America (VOA).

The former Prime Minister maintained that after taking the oath of office, he will name his cabinet as should any government.

He insisted that he and Kalonzo Musyoka won the August 8 election and Uhuru Kenyatta’s government illegitimately in office.

”We can even be a government in exile — one that runs from outside the country. It has happened in other countries. But what we say is that Kenyans will no longer be party to a rule by an illegitimate government, one that was not voted for by the majority,” Odinga said.

”An illegitimate government is in power. The true government, the one Kenyans voted for, is outside. We will work just like any other government. We will form a cabinet,” he added.

The ODM party leader also rubbished Attorney General, Githu Muigai’s arrest for treason threats.

”I told Prof Muigai to go and tell that to the birds! Sovereignty is vested in the people, and can be exercised directly or through elected representatives. Kenyans have taken back their sovereignty because we have a situation of an illegal government.”

The opposition leader also said that he was willing to have a sit down with the Jubilee government or else they will carry on with the swearing in plans.

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”Nasa has come up with a five-point agenda. We are waiting for Jubilee to put to the table its agenda. If Jubilee does not, we will not force them. We will go on with our plans, and they can go on with theirs, and then we will see where we meet,” he told VOA.

On Wednesday, NASA legislators signed affidavits in support of the oath taking ceremony.

Those who do not show support will be considered Jubilee moles, planning to sabotage the controversial ceremony.

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