More Rot At Chinese Firm Sonlink Exposed, Where A Missed Call Costs Ksh1,000

All is not done at Chinese firm Sonlink, where one of its managers, Liu Jiaqi, earned himself deportation for calling Kenyans and President Kenyatta ‘monkeys’.

A local daily has revealed that things are murky at the organisation to an extend that even a missed call from your boss could cost you Ksh1,000, and if you miss two or more you might receive your paycheque less Ksh2,000.

Also, staffers cannot afford a minute of lateness as it cost Ksh50 to be late by one minute irregardless of the prevailing situation. Be it traffic jams, matatu strike or an accident you had, you have no option.

According to the company regulations seen by Kahawa Tungu, lateness penalty starts counting at 8.31am. “Time after 8:31am and 13:31pm treat as late. Fine Sh50 for every minute of lateness,” reads rule number four.

‘Noise’, laughter and unaccounted 15-minute movement could see you lose your job, or even lose the day’s pay.

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“Every employee must stick to the work. No laughing. No noise. If (you) leave the position for 15 minutes without reasons. Treat it as absence,” say the rules.

Every employee is required to clock in and out four times a day at 8.30am, 12.30pm, 13.30pm, 17.30pm or report to the management in case s/he fails to.

A snippet of the rules

Trouble for the company started when they fined one of its employees Ksh2,000, who decided not to append his signature to the letter penalising him and instead recorded the ranting Liu Jiaqi.

The letter used to fine employees

To the employees, insults are the order of the day, and they just have to persevere in order to keep their jobs.

“Insults here are a common occurrence and we just persevere to keep our jobs,” says an employee as quoted by the Sunday Standard.

Chinese nationals working in the country have been accused of behaving like colonisers, mistreating Kenyans in the workplace and even some boasting to be untouchables like in the case of Standard Gauge Railway.

In June, 41 foreigners, most of whom were Chinese linked to importation of contraband goods and illegal trade in the country were deported for being in the country illegally.

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