Reeling from Loss in Al Ghurair Tender Case, Ahmednasir Joins Court-Bashing Bandwagon

In a series of tweets that point to the continued frustrations in the law office of Ahmednasir Abdulahi, the once powerful lawyer, now a pale shadow of his former self, took to twitter to join Jubilee overrated simpletons like Kipchumba Murkomen, Kimani Ichungwa and Aden Duale in bashing the three judge bench that ruled against IEBC, particularly Justice George Odunga.

Already, we’ve heard how one of the judges is related to NASA’s James Orengo. Ethnic profiling. How about the other two?

In that bench was a Kikuyu, Prof. Joel Ngugi, who presided the case. The ethnicity of Justice John Mativo Muting’a is either Kamba or Meru, depending on how you want to interpret the case.

Bashing of judges because of unfavorable judgments is bad manners. It is also perpetrated by the two dominant sides of the political divide, NASA and Jubilee. The ploy is meant to intimidate judges not to make independent decisions, but pander to the political whims of whatever side wants to win a case.

Soon after the Supreme Court ruled against Raila Odinga in the presidential petition after 2013 elections, he accepted the verdict and conceded, but spent nearly one year bashing the supreme court.

The Luo judge who was part of the bench, respected Justice Jackton Boma Ojwang’, could not access his rural home for nearly two years, and police had to be beefed up in all his residences, both rural and city.

Matters were made worse by the appointment of his wife, Prof. Colleta Suda, as Principal Secretary, by President Uhuru.

Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga once received chilling warning from a Kikuyu bank executive, whose tenure collapsed when the volcanic NYS saga erupted.

Justice Njoki Ndung’u remains the most misunderstood, always seen more as the matron of Kikuyu interests in the Supreme Court than a respected, and now longest serving female judge on that bench.

Attacks on judge George Odunga hasn’t started now, but has always been waged by Jubilee mandarins.  Jubilee is also waging a separate war on Chief Justice David Maraga, whose often confusing off-the-cuff comments are not also helpful.

Ahmednasir is however stooping too low, considering he is a senior counsel, though has a case of forging part of his legal papers, and ordinarily appears average in mental constitution, assisted mainly by his heavy somali twang, which makes his spoken English come out struggling to breath, much to the chagrin of his listeners.

Whoever has a bone to pick with decisions of any court should move up the judicial ladder, up to the supreme court. Whoever has a bone to pick with decisions of the supreme court should wait for Jesus.

Lawyers appearing before judges should expect any verdict, it is called the rule of law. To expect to win always is to be stupid, and to insult and bash judges for losing a case is primitivity of the highest order.

Written by Kahawa Tungu


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