Real House Helps of Kawangware Star, Awiti Escapes with Husbands Belongings

Winnie Rubi "Awiti" of House Helps of Kawangware


Winnie Rubi “Awiti”

Winnie Rubi also known as Awiti in the TV comedy show The Real House Helps of Kawangware has reportedly escaped from his matrimonial home in Komarocks with everything leaving her husband and his 7 year old daughter to sleep on the cold floor.

According to neighbours of the couple, Awiti escaped with the household belongings including Meko cooker, fridge, bed, mattress as well as clothes and school certificates belonging to the husband, Bildad, who is a building and constructions professional. She also broke the TV and left it in-operational.

Awiti’s house after she broke the TV and took everything else

We reached out to the husband who confirmed that the wife is not around but could not explain where she went to. He only said that they had some differences when the wife stayed out at a “birthday party” until past 10pm leading a slight quarrel. Neighbours confirmed that Awiti came back home drunk.

Winnie Rubi “Awiti” of House Helps of Kawangware

The two have been married for 4 years and have been staying in Komarocks Phase 2 behind Nyamavilla. Awiti was recently paid Ksh 150,000 in the promotion where she was featured. They have a kid who is almost 2 years.

Awiti reportedly abused the husband loudly when she was leaving after bringing goons to help her pick the household belongings she wanted to take away. She called the husband names and told him that she is now rich and he expects her to feed him with the money she gets in her new found fame.

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The husband also claims that Awiti is violent just like her character on TV. Awiti is remembered for forcing her co-actor Njugush to marry her in the TV show, House Helps of Kahawangware.

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