Rama Homes Employees Deducted Ksh 10,000 For Not responding to Email


Details about how Rama Homes Company mistreats its employees have emerged, showing that the employees face a fine of up to Ksh10,000 to a delayed e-mail response past 24 hours.

According to a document named ‘Violation and Fine Policy’ obtained by Kahawa Tungu from the company, the employees face fines ranging between Ksh200 and Ksh10,000 or even more, for drivers who take 100% risk for any damage that happens to vehicles.

“Any costs incurred as a result of the negligence of the driver or rider will be borne by him/her 100%,” states the document in part, in reference to drivers.

“All staff are required to acknowledge all e-mails send to them within 24 hours. Failure to do the same will lead to a penalty of Ksh10,000 on their account,” adds the document.

Fine for late coming is set at Ksh200 for every day late. If you report to work after 10am without prior permission, a half day wage will be deducted from employee’s account. Fines for absence are rated at an equivalent of day’s wage.

Worse still, Rama Auto staff, a subsidiary of the Rama Homes, are forced to work on holidays and weekends failure to which they face hefty fines. For them, failing to work on Sundays attracts a Ksh3,000 fine while failing to show up to work during holidays is penalised with Ksh2,000.

“If you report to work after 10am either on a weekday or weekend or holiday you will be
penalized Ksh2,000 per every late,” reads the statement, in reference to Rama Auto staffers.

The staffers are also encouraged to turn against one another, as every staff who reports a suspect and the same is ascertained by the management, a reward of Ksh3,000 per person is supposedly issued to them.

For Security heads, for every suspect caught with evidence and can lead to prosecution
they get a collective reward of Ksh50,000.

According to the document purportedly prepared by the Board of Directors, “the company reserves the right to impose any other penalty it deems fit given a situation that may not be mentioned in this document.”

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This comes at a time the company is facing criticism from the public for swindling its clients into buying non-existent projects, under dubious contracts.

“I was so much interested in the Syokimau project the advertised as Rent to own. The details  got were very pleasant to my ears  thought am heading somewhere. I signed a reservation form and paid Ksh50,000 as a booking fee. When the offer letter was sent to me two days later I couldn’t imagine I was duped.  The information given to me and the information in the offer letter are totally different things.   That’s when reality sunk in,” lamented a client who was duped by Rama, who spoke to Kahawa Tungu on conditon of anonymity.
According to the client who smelt a rat and decided to conduct a due dilligence, Rama did not own any of the lands they said they were doing projects on.

“When this dawned me I decided to go ahead and do some due diligence especially with the lands that  Rama is building on projects. I was amazed t find that non is on Rama Homes name. When I asked for  clarifications all I got were excuses. The sales person I was attended by now shy away as a penalty is looming on her head meaning this month she will have no salary,” explains our source.

Further investigations revealed that the guys who advertise for them are all employees and do not get paid for image rights.

The employees cannot do anything as the company is fully owned and run by relatives who are ‘untouchables’, with deep connections in the government.

On July 21 during an investors forum organised by the firm, two young guys were harassed at the event because they took photos supposedly for the directors, who have shied away from the public limelight for a long time.

Rama Homes Chairman is Khalid Abdikadir who owns Rama auto Parts and Euromax limited. Sources intimate that both companies have been evading taxes since they have very strong connections with officials at KRA this has been a norm.The directors are his relatives who have no experience/ education and they terrorize workers like slaves.

Here’s the ‘Violation and Fine Policy’ from Rama Homes:


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