Raila’s ODM Nomination List Which is Full of Rejects and Recycled Nominees

NASA Presidential Candidate, Raila Odinga

Sometime back, Ida Odinga who is the wife to NASA supremo, Raila Odinga openly claimed that ODM will never give nomination to someone who has already been nominated as there are many people to benefit from the gesture.

This seems not to have been the way as ODM has gone back to nominate a good number of those who have been nominated before. Ida Odinga is know to be so influential in ODM that her word is always law. The Odinga family’s strong arm control of ODM has made many question Raila’s democratic credentials as he and his family are likely to bulldoze issues if they win the August election.

Just this week, IEBC released the party nomination list which has looked very interesting and shown that Ida didn’t mean what she said as captured here.

In the ODM nomination list, Judy Pareno who is also on the EALA MPs list and a key beneficiary of bribery during the party nominations is present as a nominee for the Senate. Pareno is currently an EALA MP  as well as being the ODM Elections Board Chair.

Clearly present on the list is Agnes Zani who she is currently a Nominated Senator while Rachel Ameso who is a nomination reject and the current  Kakamega Women Rep is on the list at number 15.

Rose Ogendo Nyamunga who is the wife to former Nyando MP, Opon Nyamunga and sister to the Kisumu Central MP failure, Richard Ogendo, is on the list too.

While ODM is a major party with many supporters, Raila Odinga always give preference to those who give money to ODM or those who bribe their way through the party ranks. So it is always easy to infiltrate the party ranks even when you have no values as long as you can bribe the party boss.

Khadija Hussein, a marketing consultant from Garissa County and daughter of former Cabinet Minister Hussein Maalim Mohammed is also on the list of nominees as is KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion.

Some of those who are on the list and clearly deserve it are Rosemary Kariuki, Dorcas Odumbe and Idriss Abdirahaman.

It seems like Raila fought for democracy but he doesn’t practice the same in the party nominations nor when conducting other party affairs. It’s all tyranny.

Raila famously told those close to him that whenever the courts ruled against ODM in the last nominations, the courts should give those they want the party to nominate a party.

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