Raila Sponsored Luo Council Of Elders Misleading Community- Ker Ongadi Faction Claims

The once revered outfit has since been dogged by controversies centered around power struggles and under key supremacy between South and Central Nyanza.

Two factions have since emerged with a leader at the helm each claiming to be the bonafide leader of the council. One is led by Willis Otondi who hails from Kisumu County while the other is led by Nyandiko Ongadi who comes from Karachuonyo in Homabay County.

Ongadi has since taken a swipe at Otondi terming him as fake leader installed by political leaders led by Raila Odinga and not by the Luo community.

He says Otondi led faction are sponsored by politicians to chaperone their interests and are thus misleading the community.

In an exclusive interview with Kahawa Tungu, Ongadi said Otondi was sponsored by Raila to take over from the late Riaga Ogalo who supposedly endorsed politicians in 2007 against Odinga’s preferred lineup which had the likes of the late Otieno Kajwang’.

“Riaga even when to court against the forceful installation of Otondi up until when he died when his treasurer stole the certificate and gave to Otondi. I on the other hand was duly elected at Ofafa Hall in Kisumu by the community and not politicians to take over from the late Riaga as the ker,” he said.

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He said he was elected by delegates across the four luo Counties on September 20th 2015 and has intimated at taking legal action against Otondi’s faction.

“I have the certificate to ascertain my being the legit Ker from the Attorney General, a mouthpiece for a section of politicians should not misled the community,” he added.

Ker Ongadi reiterated his earlier call that the community should respect Uhuru’s tenure up until the community will have its own saying declaring otherwise will see the people miss out on development.

“I do not support Uhuru Kenyatta politically, all I am saying is that at the moment as it is, he is the President and we asked him and still do that he considers the community while diving the national cake,” he avvered.

He reiterated that his faction are neutral and are never quick to back any politician and that is why a section of politicians led by Raila have sidelined them. He says Otondi and his team  are political brokers and cited when Mombasa Governor Joho flew in Otondi to Mombasa to help him seek votes from the Luo in the County who had prior to the general elections claimed were being mistreated by Joho’s administration.

He asked the community to unite and said the two warring politicians often unite for personal interests and does not see why as acommunty, the luo cannot swallow their pride for the good of the community.

The controversies dogging the council tasked with giving guidance to the community has since seen some quarters calling for dissolution of both Otondi and Ongadi’s factions.


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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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