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How Raila Outsmarted Suspected ‘Assassins Sent to Poison Him in Dubai’

NASA now believes that its leader Raila Odinga survived a poisoning attempt on his Kenya Airways flight from Dubai to Nairobi.

According to NASA insiders and close Raila staffers, two individuals accompanied a popular Radio/TV host on a journey to Russia with unclear mission. The three then flew from Russia to Dubai where they stayed for some days waiting for Raila who was to fly to Dubai from USA.

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While Raila’s initial public itinerary revealed that he was supposed to come back to the country last weekend, Raila delayed his journey to this week, stretching his stay outside the country by another week and throwing the plans of the alleged assassins into a spin.

While in Dubai the team of 3 waited for Raila to show up, another team of monitors were in USA trailing the ODM leader’s every movement and recording who he was meeting and for what purpose. It’s not clear if the two teams were linked in any way but Raila’s security now believes that they were being coordinated from Nairobi with express instructions to find ways of neutering him.

Meanwhile, the media reports which we reported on awakened Raila’s security and they crafted a plan of layered security to protect Baba as the NASA leader is famously referred to by his maniacs.

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Raila was travelling with his daughter Winnie among other staffers who the team of assassins might not have been aware of as they were laid back and a step away most of the time. While Raila and his daughter were booked in First or Business Class, his other staffers took lower classes but at strategic points where they could watch him closely.

In Dubai, Raila’s security team decided to book him on 3 different flights and make it hard to guess which flight he would actually be on. Those believed to have been part of the assassination plan also changed their plans and booked the exact flight Raila later took.

In the flight from Dubai, Raila sat on the Business Class with his daughter while his other aides spread out for easy of monitoring. The security team developed a rapport with the KQ flight crew as any assassination attempt on the flight would have, most likely involved the cabin crew who serve food and refreshments.

Some two cabin staff alerted Raila’s security to the movement of the suspicious characters on the flight the whole way.

Raila’s security suspected that a nerve gas was to be used to silently kill him on the flight.

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Julie Gichuru has come out to deny that she was on a mission to kill Raila on his flight demanding that police silence anyone making accusations against her. Suspecting that NASA supporters might have been referring to her, she claimed that airport security could have nabbed her if she attempted to sneak any nerve gas through such installations.

She explained where she was;

Then called her accusers names without offering much. When insults is your only retort, you can’t deliver any sensible argument.

She even made more demands;

The Gichuru family has been so close to the Odinga family with Robert Gichuru known to have been a close friend of the late Fidel Odinga.

On the other hand, Julie Gichuru’s husband, Anthony Gichuru, is known to be a key business partner of Raila’s nemesis and current Deputy President, William Ruto.

Highly unstable gases used in assassinations are very hard to detect even by the most highly secured security installations.

Raila’s movement abroad was clearly monitored as it is Moses Kuria who revealed how the NASA leader was not in UK but in Dubai lounging around.

Raila spent his time in Dubai at The Address Hotel in Dubai.

Meanwhile, more drama unfolded at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport when Raila’s family was blocked from accessing the VIP lounge. The JKIA police boss informed Raila that he would mess their “plans” if he used the secure lounger located at Terminal 1 and reserved for top level government officials and state guests. The NASA leader has always used the facility.

From JKIA, Raila’s security was extra alert with pictures showing that the innermost layer was 3 rows thick as his famous Men-In-Black team threw a security cordon around his motorcade.

At the City Stadium, the police shot at most vehicles forcing the leaders to flee in their vehicle but only Raila’s vehicle in the middle of the road insisting on driving into town through the blockade. That’s when one of the bullet propelled grenades his the windshield of Raila’s car.

While viewing the stand-off on TV, the US and other European embassies started calling Raila’s key staffers asking if he was alright.

TO avoid the state blockage at the airport, NASA allied MPs and other core supporters flew to Mombasa, Eldoret and Kisumu then flew back to JKIA on other flights just so as to welcome Raila back at the airport.

Raila’s convoy from the airport avoided Pipeline when word reached his security that a group calling itself Nairobi Business Community was stationed at Pipeline with the intention of stoning motorists and looting shops as has been blamed on Cambridge Analytica planted groups.

Raila is insisting that he will not allow the “illegal swearing in of Uhuru as President.”

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