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Raila’s Office Now Sends Armed Goons after Rebel “ODM Bloggers”

NASA Presidential Candidate, Raila Odinga
presidential candidate
NASA Presidential Candidate, Raila Odinga

Raila Odinga Secretariat staff led by the daughter Winnie Odinga and Communications Head, Dennis Onyango have now instructed a team of armed goons to look for bloggers who are aligned to ODM but are not supporting Mombasa Governor.

The team of rebel bloggers became disgruntled after Winnie brought in her friends to give social media services for the campaign while locking out the young bloggers who have stood with the party and Raila Odinga through thick and thin.

Last week, the goons followed the bloggers to Mombasa and gained entrance into the Blue Pearl apartment the goons thought that the rebel bloggers were staying in, to carry out their mission. They didn’t find the bloggers at the said apartment but have continued to look for the bloggers elsewhere.

When the bloggers got wind of the plans, they completely changed their scheduled and are now appealing to Raila to make sure that they are safe.

Winnie Odinga

Coupled with the violent attack strategy, the secretariat has now tasked one Rita Oyier to coördinate a massive online campaign against the rebel bloggers. Rita has now been tasked to coördinate each blogger, Bobby Bobants, Edwin Ombati and Abdullahi Musa to attack the five rebels and make sure that they defamed enough that when they are physically harmed, they will not have any credibility.

Rita Oyier

It’s believed that Mombasa Governor Joho is funding the initiative which is coordinated from the secretariat while the goons are coordinated by Joho’s close confidantes.

The bloggers Adede Adede, Phelix G-Cord, Lee Makwiny, C. Mark Dienya and Dikembe Disembe were locked out of the Presidential campaign secretariat by a clueless and ignorant team brought in by Winnie Odinga as part of her company which is being paid millions by the campaign secretariat for social media work.

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Of the five rebel bloggers, only Dikembe Disembe is employed by the party or the secretariat but others have only been volunteering their services to support Raila and ODM’s communications online without being paid a single cent. They hoped to be considered during these campaigns as they are exposed to attacks by state functionaries and well funded team of bloggers from the Jubilee side.

The bloggers are also blamed for supporting Hassan Omar, Nicholas Gumbo and Jakoyo Midiwo despite Raila and Joho not approving of the same. They are also suspected to be providing renowned blogger Robert Alai with information from inside the secretariat.

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It is clear from all these that despite claims that Raila fought for freedom and democracy, it is him and those close to him who really hate anyone having the freedom to have alternative political ideas and thoughts.


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