How Raila and Kalonzo Snubbed Joho in Mombasa

Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho
Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho is a man under siege over a likelihood of being edged out of the Lucrative Mombasa Gubernatorial seat, something he didn’t imagine while taking office in 2013.

His re election hangs in the balance.


So desperate is the Wannabe Coastal Kingpin that every time Raila Odinga lands in Mombasa, he hurriedly organizes endorsement meetings only to be disappointed for failure to be endorsed.

Yesterday wasn’t any different where he hurriedly organized a Luo breakfast meeting.

The Sultan invited NASA Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga with his running mate Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka expecting a major endorsement only for the NASA Principals to use it to drum up support for NASA Presidency.

The RaiLonzo duo chose to steer clear of Local Gubernatorial politics pitting the incumbent against Mombasa Senator and Wiper Secretary General and governor aspirant, Hassan Omar.


Among the myriad of blunders made by Ali Hassan is nepotism and unfair distribution of county appointments.

He has also been accused of monopolization of tenders using shell companies within the county government by his cronies and relatives, failure to implement pre-election pledges made in 2012; all of which have set him against ordinary residents and influential Coast tycoons who have ganged up to fight him, some of whom are pivotal within NASA circles.

With one eye locked on 2022 succession politics, he is openly and selfishly promoting his brand instead of ODM or NASA. This has led pundits to suggest that the Sultan is a victim of ‘Inferiority Complex’’ and other psychological stress because Raila’s support is no longer guaranteed with Senator Omar also in the race.

Consequently, the governor finds himself engaging in cheap theatrics each time he is around NASA co-principals in an attempt to salvage his waning political influence occasioned by open Discrimination , Cronyism and above all Incompetence at all levels.


The governor who has all the time criticized Jubilee Leadership led by President Uhuru Kenyatta over Dictatorship turned himself to a demigod with a Primitive thinking that he must be worshiped for individuals to progress in Mombasa, something that hasn’t augured well with many right thinking residents who have criticized him viciously for turning the Coastal City into a ‘ Joho fiefdom’

Yesterday’s incident in which NASA presidential candidate was taken ill while at Mombasa airport while awaiting a flight to Nairobi exposed his desperation.

First, a statement released to Joho-leaning bloggers making preposterous claims that he “had released his doctors to treat Raila”, yet Raila has comprehensive media insurance that gives him access to best medical facilities not only in Kenya but internationally as well.


But the straw that broke the camel’s back was the release of pictures of a partially dressed Raila lying on a sickbed and being examined by medical personnel. The pictures are suspected to have been taken by Mr Sultan himself and have been ruled as an extreme gross invasion of privacy and the highest form on insensitivity by a leader in recent history.

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Written by Charles Dienya


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