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Raila: This is How Jubilee Plans to Use the Military to Rig Elections

Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga
presidential candidate
NASA Presidential Candidate, Raila Odinga

NASA presidential candidate, Raila Odinga has today revealed what he calls a comprehensive military plan to stop any chances of Uhuru handing over power to him in case he is defeated.

According to the NASA principal, the government is using new and young military officers in the formation of one commander and 12 officers to isolate key NASA strongholds and ensure that NASA is defeated whether they have votes or not.

It is not clear how credible the information Raila has is but the ODM leader has even revealed the names of military officers tasked to ensure that the 1+12 formation is enabled to ensure that the plan succeeds.

Raila has also alleged that NIS has informed Jubilee that they are headed for the defeat hence the comprehensive military plan. Find the full statement here.


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