Raila is the Change While Uhuru and Ruto are Children of Moi the Despot


Raila Uhuru

Despite causing his own self-inflicted political disasters severally, Raila Odinga is such a transformational figure but with certain degree of conventional mind. His democratic political reforms credentials have had significant consequential to the country. The country has made every turn he makes.

The rudderless conservative right wing of securocrats, media, politics and business unrelentingly loathe. This wing, which is offspring of the old corrupt dictatorial KANU rule), casts him as violent figure. Yet it rides on his critical policy decisions to make headways on anything. His policy decisions are made for the best interest of the majority population.

Look at constitution, devolution and major infrastructure agenda (especially reclaiming grabbed public roads reserves today characterized by By-passes) he courageous pursued in NARC regime. Raila Odinga is engine of changing the country for the better. His achievements are there to endure. This success story makes nonsense of right-wing spearheaded by Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta and Mr. William Ruto the foremost political sons of the ruthless despot Daniel Arap Moi. This extreme right wing group find it nightmare to erase historical facts to cover its well documented track record of supporting anti-people policies. Truth hurts. Jubilee Government is nothing but Moi rule reestablished. It is what failed in 2002 Moi Project. Its apologists are trying hard to run away from that fact.

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