Raila to Attend Monday’s Presidential Debate After the Intervention of His Advisors


Raila’s new campaign chief, Joe Ager, has advised him to attend the Presidential debate scheduled for tomorrow.

Sources close to Jakom have intimated to KahawaTungu that Raila has decided that he will be attending tomorrow’s debate as he doesn’t have the advantages which the incumbent enjoys.

Meanwhile, it is still not clear if President Uhuru has had a change of mind after earlier indicating that he will not be attending the debate. The President had indicated that he was going to hold a town hall meeting with the people instead of sit and debate Raila.

Uhuru and Raila were expected to debate each other in a show which will be streamed live. The President held a social media chat this morning, where he addressed many issues including insisting that he will hand over power in the unlikely case that he loses.

Raila’s change of heart has not been communicated to the organisers but the NASA candidate is preparing to surprise them with his attendance.


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