Radio Africa Fires HR Boss, Kathy Kageni, Mutoko to Assume New Managerial Role

Staff at the Radio Africa are all celebrating the sacking of the HR boss, Kathy Kageni.

Kathy was fired because she has been so unpopular with the staff at the company that when she went on leave, the department was found to be more efficient and productive that when she was around. So the top management at Radio Africa decided to cut her loose.

Kathy was so unpopular that her sacking which was communicated as a resignation was celebrated throughout the company. Workers had an early weekend at the Bavaria club which is right behind Radio Africa HQs. They poured drinks and tossed to the ultimate demise of a woman they described as the worst snitch they have ever seen.

Kathy was known to openly gossip to openly discuss the private details staff members shared with her. She would ask you private details and promise to be a confidant but when you shared the details with her, she would first called William Pyke, share the sweet gossip about “so-and-so.” With William told, she would get management backing if the gossip sharing backfired on her.

She used to share the sexual escapades of her staff members at Radio Africa that one time she was forced to spend time at a police station because of her long beaks. She stormed Savanis Book Shop in downtown Nairobi and assaulted a lady who later took her to the police. She was arrested and arraigned in Kibera Law Courts.

It is her husband who later went to call for an out of court settlement with the lady.

She would also use the stories about the amorous ways of her colleagues as testimonies in a church she recently opened to further her wish to get to Jesus Christ very soon. RA staff must be very relived having long wondered why Patrick Quarco (PQ) doesn’t care who they sleep with by Kathy Kageni do care about that so much.

Kathy joined Radio Africa in December 2010 after a short stint at Seven Seas technology. She left Seven Seas just after  months on the job. It was not clear to Seven Seas why she left because they spent a lot of money on recruiting her. She was recruited through an agency which took two months of her salary as their fee.

Meanwhile, Caroline Mutoko is set to be the new Sponsorships, Marketing and Promotions manager. She will be quiting her radio role soon having grown older than her target audience. She will be sitting at an office which is just right next to Patric Quarco’s.

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