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Racism In Kenyan ‘International’ Schools : Victim Shares Her Experience At Peponi School

Peponi School. / COURTESY

The Peponi School in Ruiru is one of the few schools offering British Curriculum in Kenya and East Africa, owned by the Kenyatta family.

From outside, it is one of the most beautiful schools in Kenya that every leaner would like to go through.

However, things are different when one goes in, too rotten especially for the African child.

According to a former student, many black-skinned students who go through Peponi School have gone through hell, and most end up depressed to a point of contemplating suicide.

According to the victim using the Twitter handle @rnbfayz, she was transferred from Braeside High School, another British Curriculum school, but she was ridiculed by fellow students for coming from the ghetto.

“Upon arrival, a few students and I were ridiculed by other white and indian students for being “ghetto” && coming from “ghetto schools”. This didn’t disclude the mixed race students who were also protected by the entire system. They too, acted very elitist because they were aware of their protection and privilege,” she writes.

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According to the victim, the black students were the first suspects in case anything bad happened in the school, regardless of the evidence available.

“(One time) someone in the girls dorms activated the fire alarm at 3am. Confused, we all were forced out of dorms. Only for the black girls who previously were in “ghetto schools” to be held back, accused and questioned because again.. Racism,” she laments.

“The last straw before we all flipped and really gave them the ghetto they deserved was when 3 girls in the dorms had their laptops stolen in the middle of the night. No CCTV evidence throught the school, nothing. But you know, number 1 suspects had to be us again,” she adds.

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At one time, the US politics were used to entrench racism in the school, during President Barack Obama’s debate against John McCain. The ‘white’ students walked around the school chanting “mzungu ni mungu (white man is god)” while shoving McCain posters in black students faces.

“When it was Obama vs John McCain, these white students walked around the school chanting “Mzungu ni Mungu” while shoving McCain posters in black students faces. Teachers were aware. School was aware,” she says.

“I say all this to say that systemic racism is very much alive. This was 10 years ago. I really wonder what’s going on there today,” she adds.

Read her full story on this thread:-

This comes at a time US black residents are demonstrating against oppression by the whites, following the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis Police officer.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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