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Rachel Shebesh Slapped After Pinching Gov. Evans Kidero’s Nose

Nairobi Governor is clearly a besieged man. From people suing him for the seat to workers striking to some commotion staged in his office by a Nairobi MP. They must be looking for the easiest way of removing him.

Capital FM was first out with a video claiming to have shot of Nairobi governor slapped the county women rep, Rachel Shebesh. Nation and K24 followed later with similar video. Non of the video shows what the representative did to the Governor before the slap. Some sources within Gov. Kidero’s office intimate to KahawaTungu that Shebesh pinched the nose of Gov Kidero and kicked him on the ankle as the Governor was trying to push her not to enter his office with her gang.

From the videos, you can see that Hon Shebesh lost her shoes. Her shoes went off when she kicked the Governor. Kidero’s secuity then threw her shoes for her to get and leave the Governor alone.

It is wrong for any leader to storm a felow leader’s office with more than 50 unruly individuals. Who checked the mob for weapons? Why should a leader find it fit that she needs to storm the offices of fellow leaders to make a point? When Raila lost election, did she wants him to storm State House with his supporters just to prove a point?

Something is very wrong with how our leaders behave. Kidero might be wrong but he was provoked just like SONKO who was provoked by Caroline Mutoko and Chipukeezy.

NTV Video

Capital FM Video


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