Public Health Officer Aunt Shocks Police After Forgiving Suspect Who Defiled Niece

A guardian of a 15-year-old girl who was defiled in Homa Bay County by a boda boda rider shocked residents and the police when she chose to forgiven the culprit.

Ms Pamela Olengo,a Public Health Officer said she did not want the rider to suffer in jail citing that “I am a christian.”

Medical reports revealed that Ben Orage, 30, had defiled the minor, a standard seven Pupil from Siaya County who had gone to stay with her aunt (Ms Olengo) over the holidays  as her house-hep had left without notice.

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The aunt claimed she is not interested in the case and “they have resolved” to forgive the offender and that family members advised her against pursuing the case claiming “if the culprit dies in jail, he might haunt me.”

The girl narrated that the suspect had come earlier to pick the health officer only to return later demanding a massage from the minor.

He then closed the door and window curtains and dragged her to the bedroom, defiled her then fled. The minor sought help from a high school teacher who reported the matter at the Homa Bay Police Station.

Homa Bay County Police Commander Marius Tum confirmed the incident saying “the guardian of the minor has asked us to drop the case but we are reading ill-motive in her agenda. She could have been compromised to drop the matter,” he said.

“We are also investigating the motive behind the minor’s aunt disinterest in the  crime,” Mr Tum added.

Many defilement cases go unpunished because guardians often collude with suspects to obstruct justice.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu



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