VIDEO: Police Officers Urging Sick People to Go to Conman “Prophet Owuor” for Treatment

Prophet Owuor, the con preacher and cult leader seems to have brainwashed all in the country to believe that he is the most powerful person in the world now.

A video shared by Nation Media shows police officers in uniform urging Nairobi residents to go to the rally of con prophet Owuor for treatment.

According to the officers in the video shot in the middle of Nairobi’s Central Business District, Owuor is capable of healing all diseases including cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure among others.

It’s such an irony because people who brainwash others not to seek treatment in hospital are usually supposed to be arrested by police officers and charged in a court of law. It’s now the law enforcers who are brainwashing people not to go to hospital but attend the rallies of the con man who claims not to charge anything but demand almost fanatical support from his followers.

Prophet David Owuor who resides along Raphta Road was in Nairobi for a 3 day prayer rally where uniformed and plain-clothed police officers threw a ring of security around him as he continued to brainwash many more Kenyans to blindly follow him.

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Owuor also has a team of armed plain-clothed police officers who guard him round the clock.

Known to be a charismatic cult leader, Owuor has continued to prey on the gullibility and ignorance of his followers to convince them that he has some direct phone link to God and can solve all their problems in snap of a finger.

Previously known to urge his followers to wear sacks and not clothes, he has been lately urging his followers to wear some special clothes which covers them from head to toe.

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