Print More Money to Prevent Cash-hoarding, PLO Lumumba Tells The President

PLO Lumumba.
PLO Lumumba. Image: courtesy
PLO Lumumba.
PLO Lumumba. Image: courtesy

City Lawyer Dr PLO Lumumba has written to the President urging him to print more cash to spur economic growth in the country, as well as fighting graft.

In a letter seen by Kahawa Tungu, the lawyer has bench marked his idea to India, which he says would ensure circulation of the Kenyan currency.

“Your government should consider printing new currency to smoke out individuals who are keeping large sums of money in their houses thus undermining the economy. This was recently done by the Government of India with positive results,” writes Lumumba.

On the fight of graft, the lawyer has lauded the President for taking bold steps to slay the demon that is threatening the public service. He has also congratulated the President for issuing an order to suspend procurement heads in all the ministries for fresh vetting, an order that has been blocked by the Labour Court.

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“The decision that you have taken to suspend all Procurement Officers is one in the right direction and ought to be supported by all Kenyans of goodwill,” adds Lumumba.

Lumumba suggests that the broom of graft and corruption should be extended to the Parliamentary Committees, Governors, CDF Accounting Officers, Principal Secretaries, Public University Chancellors and other public bodies.

Over the recent past, Kenya has been engulfed in a cloud of corruption scandals with billions of taxpayers’ money being lost.

The most recent include the NYS scandal, NHIF scandal and the Kenya Pipeline Scandal.

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