President Uhuru to Travel with Linus Kaikai to USA to Interview Him

State House has now decided to go further with its weird relationship with the Kenyan media. President Uhuru has now decided to travel with NTV boss Linus Kaikai to go interview him in the US  during the African Leaders Initiative. Senior editors and staffers at the twin towers wonder how that will add value to the media house considering that State House will have to dictate the terms in such an engagement.

Linus Kaikai’s travel has also made some of his juniors ask questions regarding the same. Many see it as a private engagement where Linus Kaikai will be doing PR for the President while others see it as one of the most unprofessional undertaking by Kaikai who also serves as the Chairman of Kenya’s Editors’ Guild.

With the questions being asked, Linus Kaikai recently wrote to the US Embassy to sponsor part of his travel and arrange for an interview with President Obama, something which the embassy flatly refused to accommodate. In the reply, the embassy refused to be used as a rubber-stamp of the journalist’s actions and told him that they have no program funds to sponsor such a trip.

Linus is scheduled to leave this weekend together with with President Uhuru and almost 10 Cabinet Secretaries, 10 businessmen with links to State House and a host of hanger-ons.

Linus is a key lieutenant of Interior Cabinet Secretary, Joe Ole Lenku in the media.

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