President Uhuru ‘illegally’ extends term of NCIC commissioners

The controversial Kaparo-led National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) had the term of its commissioners extended by President Uhuru for one year, a move legal experts term as illegal.

Apart from engaging in fearmongering and staging political arrests, the dubious commission has failed to hold the regime accountable on ethnic exclusion, which is among the key mandates of the commission, and which continue to cause the national fragmentation being witnessed with the country increasingly getting polarized along ethnic lines.


Sadly, the commission always comes to life only when it is required to torment critics of the government through staged arrests and choreographed prosecutions.

Led by KANU era speaker of the National Assembly Francis Ole Kaparo and filled with regime friendly sleuths, NCIC is seen by many as a tool to harass and intimidate critics of the present political order under the guise of legally sanctioned prosecutions.

Throughout this election period, a fellow, believed to be a cop, has been posting inflammatory and inciting messaged on how he has been killing members of a particular community but the commission has kept studious silence, as the targeted community is seen as an “enemy community”.


Written by Kahawa Tungu


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