“President Kenyatta Will Not Reciprocate the Handshake,” Miguna Tells Raila

Miguna Miguma
Miguna Miguna /courtesy
Miguna Miguma

Deported self declared NRM general Miguna has now declared that Raila Odinga will never be president. This is ironic as he purported to have sworn in Raila as the people’s president on January 30.

Miguna Miguna said that the handshake was selfish and it would only lead to gnashing of teeth because just like his predecessors Uhuru Kenyatta would not reciprocate the handshake.

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The lawyer castigated the former opposition ‘leaders’ for not staying united to fight the corrupt despots. He said that the leaders were being blinded by a non existent constitutional review.

Miguna said that the intention of Uhuru Kenyatta was to ensure that he remains the leader in Kenya with Raila as the ceremonial president in 2022.

The lawyer was deported after he swore in Raila Odinga as the peoples’ president on January 30. He had just renewed his allegiance to ‘Baba’ after their fall out which he documented in his book ‘peeling off the mask.’

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Written by Merxcine Cush

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