Poor Management Killing Kenya Institute of Mass Communication

There is seem to be a problem at the renowned Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, (KIMC) located in Nairobi’s South B. As things are, the standards of the government-owned institute, which has dominated media training in the country for decades could be headed into the first/lower percentile or quartile for those who’ve been to a basic statistics class. Here, getting results transcripts takes ages, and now some former students (who graduated in November last year), are finding it hard to secure jobs because employers are asking for transcripts, which are nowhere.
“I have been coming here since January, but I have never been given my transcripts, says Jane, (not her real name), who cleared her studies in Broadcast Journalism last year. Jane says she gets the same excuse repeatedly. “I’ve been told that the examination officer is out of the country and I have to wait until he comes back from India, where is taking short-term courses” adds Jane, an intern in a radio station in town. The lyrics is the same, for Information Department students who are forced to accept, chew and swallow the bitter truth, that their exam officer is in India for studies.
It is on a hot afternoon, before the college closed for April holiday and I meet a set of three ladies, who graduated from the college last year. They have been frequenting the institution to collect their results to no avail. Jacky, Sarah and Joyce, are tired with lame excuses from the Information Department. “Hii shule inabore.  This school is boring, we have been coming here almost weekly and still there is no hope of getting transcripts,” says the trio.
According to Mr. Michael Chege Karanja, the Head of Information Department at the college, it is true that the exam officer, Mr. Guyo, is away in India for studies.  “We are trying to find someone to stand in while he is away,” a statement that Mr. Karanja, commonly known as Bishop, recites to worried and tired students and alumni.
As a student at the college, I also seek redress from the college administration, led by Ag. Director Mr. Hiram Mucheke, College Registrar Mr. Peter Wakoli and the Head of Information Department, Mr. Michael Karanja.
With due respect, gentlemen, why should students wait for more than 6 months to receive transcripts? How long does it take to source a temporal replacement of Mr. Guyo, who is away in India for studies?Gentlemen, you and I know that management is not and never shall it be a walk in the park. Why should students and alumni be disadvantaged in the market because of your failure to perform your roles? It is unacceptable and unfair Bwana Director. Could this be mismanagement at its best? Where is the problem?

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