How Police Killed And Looted During Yesterday’s Raila’s Homecoming Drama


It has sufficed why Kenyan Police are very enthusiastic when dealing with NASA supporters whom they provoke with brutality and violence even when uncalled for.

Countless times, the police have shown highhandedness, unprofessional-ism  and rawness that vindicates reports that they are the third worst in the world. From the cases like those of baby Pendo, 10 year old Moraa of Mathare and countless aimless shootings, their ineptitude knows know boundaries.

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During yesterday’s (Friday 17th) NASA leader Raila Odinga’s homecoming which saw thousand of his enthusiasts march to meet him despite threats by the police bosses revealed just how inept the police are.

Aside from shooting and killing innocent Kenyans, some were caught looting a Wines shop in Embakasi as a tweet by NTV Journalist Ken Mijungu revealed.

In his sarcasm filled tweet, Mijungu tweeted the photo of AP officers looting and drinking at the shop, a tun of events that was then blamed on NASA supporters.

According to former Machakos Senator, eight were felled by police yesterday though media reported five.

Activist Boniface Mwangi and celebrated blogger Robert Alai are among those who took to social media to condemn the killings.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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