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Viral Photos of Mandera Governor’s Residence Elicit Mixed Reactions from Netizens

Official Residence of Mandera County Governor (Image/Courtesy)

Viral photos capturing the official residence of Mandera Governor have elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans.

In photos shared on social media, the residence is located on the outskirts of Mandera town and stands on massive land.

According to a section of netizens, the County government is misadvised on its priorities since the majority of Mandera population is living in poverty and lacks basic needs including water and food.

For instance, there have been cases of insecurity in the region as well as the lack of social amenities like good hospitals and schools.

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Ultimately, Mandera Governor Ali Rioba together with a section of county employees are caught up in corruption allegations and misappropriation of county funds.

In documents seen by Kahawa Tungu, the then Inspector-General of Police was ordered to present Governo Ali Rioba in court for misappropriation of funds.

It was reported that on  May 19, 2014, the Mandera county government entered into an agreement with the Kenya Red Cross E-plus Limited for the provision of ambulance services to the county.

The county government spent Sh40,171,759 for six ambulances which translated to Sh600,000 per month for every ambulance.

Consequently, on May 23, 2016, the county government again despite caution from the procurement department purchased an armored vehicle for the county boss at a cost of Sh16,935,000. This price was reportedly inflated.

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In the same county, hundreds have been left homeless and several others including police officers killed due to insecurity.

In yet another incident of corruption, a county employee attached to Mandera was ordered to give up to the state Sh61 million believed to have been acquired illegally.

The employee, Abdi Mohamed Ali was said to have acquired the money fraudulently hence directed to surrender to the government.

With all these corruption cases, insecurity and lack of effective social amenities, the priorities of the county Government should not be on constructing an official residence for the county boss. Rather, the needs of the people should be met first including their security and improved standards of living.

Here are some reactions from Twitter:


Written by Mercy Auma

Passionate about human interest stories and politics. Email news@kahawatungu.com

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Viral Photos of Mandera Governor's Residence Elicit Mixed Reactions from Netizens

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