Philips opens up opportunity for E-health in Kenya

Philips has offered high level cooperation with the healthcare sector in Kenya to help solve urgent healthcare needs of the country such as increasing healthcare quality and access, cost reduction, upgrading healthcare infrastructure, knowledge sharing and improving connectivity.

On request from several leading hospitals, Philips has introduced the Healthcare Information iSite solution in Kenya. The iSite Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and Radiology Information System (RIS) platforms are web based solutions and utilize Internet standards and protocols for communication.

This solution creates a filmless, paperless workflow for patients and care providers. In addition to being installed at the main hospital site, the iSite PACS can also connect remote site over a wide area network. However the E-Health solutions have increased efficiency, reduced medical errors and bring down healthcare costs.

The clinicians today are exposed to information overload in hospitals. Innovations in healthcare technology have introduced both complexity and promise.

Information Technology (IT) support is therefore critical. E-health platforms like the iSite PACS enables access to data to aid in Clinical Decision Support from anywhere in a hospital complex or even from remote sites.

Healthcare informatics systems seamlessly integrate islands of information across the patient care cycle, turning volumes of patient-data gathered by diagnostic imaging.

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