Did Paul Kobia Murder a Business Partner and Claim Robbery? Police Asks

Paul Kobia, Uhuru’s Guard and Kobia’s Girlfriend after the shooting of Wanjohi

Controversial businessman and former priest Paul Kobia is on the radar of Kenya Police again. Sometime in August, Paul Kobia shot and killed one John Wanjohi Mugwanja whom he claimed was a mugger who snatched his phone and ran away with it. He told the police that he chased the mugger, shot him but his accomplice escaped with the phone which was stolen.

Paul Kobia’s claims are allegedly backed up by Gigiri DCIO Danny Kandie.

But other sources within Gigiri Police station and the pathologists disagree. Pathologist reports availed to various media outlets indicate that John was shot at close range on the face and chest. The pathologist conclude that the angle of the shot show that John was probably kneeling when he was killed.

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Other people who spoke to other police officers in Gigiri reveal that Paul Kobia and John Wanjohi knew each other for some time and had business deals going on. John and Paul were said to be partners in some deals, one of which caused an argument between them and might have led to the killing of Wanjohi.

Efforts by other police officers in Gigiri to pin Paul Kobia for murder are being thwarted by the DCIO who is believed to have vested interests in the case.

The other curious aspect in the shooting is the presence of one of top security officers guarding the first family. A GSU officer from the Recce squadron is seen wearing his full regalia at the scene where Paul Kobia shot John Wanjohi. When other police officers asked him what he was doing at the scene, he claimed that he was escorting Jomo Kenyatta (son to the President) to Muthaiga for a private party, something which is not clear with the kind of weapons he was carrying for the shot trip to Muthaiga.

The GSU marksman is seen in a photo with the women who were with Paul Kobia during the incident. The GSU officer is said to have come specifically because of the shooting and his claims that he was escorting the son of the President is not making sense to other police officers in Gigiri. The same GSU officer is seen in another photo this month when the President wore the full military uniform when he went to Archer’s Post for a visit.

Other officers who are privy to the investigations claim that the Recce officer claimed that he was from a shooting practise when he bumped on Kobia after the shooting.

Gallery of President Uhuru’s guard caught in the middle of Paul Kobia’s shooting incident

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