Parents Sue Apple for Luring Kids to Spend Real Money on Apps Without their Knowledge

Some parents in the USA have reportedly sued Apple for luring their kids to spend real money on extra features and virtual gifts while they are while playing games using apps in the Apple app store.

The California parents are claiming that Apple made it easier for children to use ‘game currencies,’ allowing them to use actual money to buy virtual coins and tools. The suit claimed that the kids could “purchase the currencies” without the knowledge of the parents while playing games which are mostly listed as “free”.

According to report appearing on ABC News website, the parents are claiming that the games luring the kids to spend real money are “highly addictive” , specifically referring to Smurf Village game which the refer to as a “bait-and-switch” type game where the game is supposedly free, but the 1,000 in-app credits offered cost 59 dollars.

Before early 2011, Apple allowed app users to buy game currency up to 15 times without re-entering an Apple ID password in the game. This changed but the parents are claiming that it is still generally easier for the kids to buy game currency and gifts without parent permission.

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