Mboya Oywa aka Asusa Loves The Wives of Others and Once Employed Ranalo Osewe


Tom Oywa Mboya aka Mboya Oywa  is one known Gor Mahia proud supporter. According to friends of the two, the relationship between Mboya Oywa  and Osewe Ranalo goes way back and that’s why they could only confront each other when the allegations of Mboya Oywa  sleeping with Osewe’s wife came out.

Mboya Oywa is the owner of one of the most frequented African cuisine restaurant Mboya Oywa  which is located around Nairobi Central Railways Station. Osewe Ranalo started working for Mboya Oywa  before proceeding to open his (Ranalo Foods) and going upmarket while Oywa Ngori remained with his mass market offering.

Mboya Oywa  comes from Katolo in Nyando constituency. In the whole village, he is known to eye every beautiful woman including wives and girlfriends of his close associates. He doesn’t seem to have boundaries when it comes to women.In Katolo village, he is famously referred to as Asusa.

Mboya Oywa  made more money while Otieno Kajwang’, who was one of his closest friends, was a cabinet minister. After the death of Otieno Kajwang’, Oywa Ngori isa said to have inherited the second wife of the late cabinet minister (Faith Kajwang’). It was after the death of Otieno Kajwang’ that he came out in public demanding that Faith Kajwang’ be recognised as his wife and given his due share.

While Osewe Ranalo was confronting Mboya Oywa  in Kasarani, the wife of the hotelier was holidaying in USA with her daughter Stacy Osewe.

UPDATE: William Osewe was admitted into Agha Khan hospital’s High Dependency Unit with 3 bullets lodged into his lower abdomen. Doctors are working to remove them.


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