Orangutans to Use iPads and Social Media to Communicate Amongst Themselves

US researchers are not letting anything to chance. Now even Orangutans are set to use iPads and Social Media to communicate among themselves. The research project which has been launched at a Milwaukee Zoo will see the apes create their own network of friends using the iPads.

Richard Zimmerman, founder of Orangutans outreach, is looking a getting zoos across USA to introduce iPads to the orangutan to connect with their fellow apes thousands of miles away in “primate playdates” via Skype or other chat services. Zoos in Phoenix, Atlanta and Toronto have already agreed to participate.

Orangutan Outreach is an organization dedicated to protecting orangutans in the wild and collaborates with zoos all over North America.

“Orangutans can communicate via sounds, squeaks and squeals,” Zimmerman said. “They make all sorts of noises and they communicate with their eyes. They roll their eyes at each other. They glare at each other. It’s ingenious.” All these communication can be done through Skype.

Biologists say one possible reason Orangutans are particularly inclined to participate  in such research is that their natural habitats present challenges that demand similar cognitive skills. Orangutans are not the first animals to use iPads to communicate. In Mexico, Dolphins participated in a study where they communicated with humans using iPads

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