Orange Kenya Now Enables Free Wikipedia Access to its Subscribers

Orange has now activated the free Wikipedia access for Kenyan mobile subscribers.

Through the services, any subscriber with an Orange Kenya SIM and mobile internet enabled phone will be able to access Wikipedia through their mobile browser without attracting any data charges. he access will be free as long as you stay within the Wikipedia pages.

Orange has 70 million subscribers in Africa and the Middle East where the “Free Wikipedia” access is targeted.

Free access to Wikipedia will be possible to all the languages the online encyclopedia is available in. In Kenya, the most widely used languages are English and Swahili.

Orange is looking to support the Wikimedia Foundation through this initiative. Kenya becomes the second country in Africa after Uganda to benefit from this partnership signed in January between the Orange Group and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Wikipedia also plans to enable a functionality soon that will notify users when they log on to the paid up pages.

Written by Robert

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