Orange Kenya not Interested in Collecting Iphone Fees

Now this is a very good story to those who are on Orange network and bought the Iphone and are supposed to be paying the Ksh 3,000 monthly fees. I talked to 3 clients who say that Orange Kenya is actually not interested in billing the clients and even if they dont pay, the service is never cut off.

Now this is the part which should make Orange Kenya act. Apparently now the defaulters who have pending bills of as many as 6 months have now decided to unlock the Iphones and use other networks if at all Orange will decide to go after them. Two of them confessed to me that they are unlocking the Iphones so that they wont have to suffer termination of services in case Orange will be coming for their cut.

I dont know how Orange Kenya does this but it surely shows someone is not doing the right thing here. Someone is not taking care of the accounts. I think that I have gone through the same experience with Orange Kenya, albeit on the CDMA EVDO modem. I was using the modem and one time I had a problem with the credit I bought. I called customer care and when I tried to explain what happened, I lost connection to the customer care assistant.

I had already given my phone number and details and I found out that the customer care assistant had given me Ksh. 4,000 which was then 4GB worth of free data while actually Orange owed me nothing.

Written by Robert

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