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Omondi Anyanga: My Father Didn’t Suffer and Die in Poverty as Alleged

MP Omondi Anyanga

Posts have been written and pictured shared by Facebook users showing Mzee Anyanga Miluo lying on his hospital bed in Sori, Migori County. According to Facebook user Jim Bonnie, MP Omondi Anyanga neglected his father that he died hungry and sick.

But MP Omondi Anyanga differs. According to the legislator, the stories being told online are being sponsored by the current Migori governor Okoth Obado and one Nyatike political aspirant Tom OdegeĀ as part of the seasonal political propaganda

According to the MP, the governor started the stories of the MP supposedly neglecting his parents some months ago. The governor reportedly arrived at the home of Mzee Anyanga Miluo with a pickup full of food and hurriedly decided to give the mzee claiming that the MP had sent him. The governor then posted the pictures online without the old man knowing what was happening.

The governor recently heard that Mzee Anyanga was rushed to an hospital in Sori, Migori County, after developing some complications as he prostate cancer. After he was rushed to the health centre and with the MP in Nairobi and arranging for the airlifting of his father to Kisumu’s Agha Khan hospital, the governor sent emissaries to the old man and took his pictures in the hospital before posting them all over the internet.

According to the MP, it’s governor Okoth Obado who is sponsoring the “fake stories” after the MP’s wife (Anne Omodho Anyanga) declared her interest in the Migori County’s gubernatorial seat. She will battle it out with the current governor and a host of other candidates. The MP claim that the governor and Tom Odege are using Raila Odinga secretariat’s communication boss, Dennis Onyango, to spread the propaganda about him. Odege is said to be related to Dennis Onyango and blogger Facebook user Jim Bonnie.

Mzee Anyanga Miluo died in Agha Khan hospital on Saturday.

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