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ODM Nomination Fiasco and Post Raila Odinga Succession Politics

NASA Presidential Candidate, Raila Odinga. / COURTESY
NASA Presidential Candidate, Raila Odinga. / COURTESY

The dusts have settled since Odm party conducted one of the most shambolic nominations in the history of the biggest party in East and Central Africa.

A closer scrutiny of the nomination in Luo Nyanza reveals a very dangerous game at play. Its a confirmation that indeed, politics is a dirty game.

While most ODM supporters were focusing their attention on the presidency, there is a group of leaders who were plotting post Raila Odinga Succession Politics in Nyanza. This group of leaders don’t care about the presidency.

I wish I could go into details but I won’t go deep into the deep details of the games.

After the last general election, there was emergence of young vibrant young leaders from Nyanza in the party. This group of leaders attempted to wrestle the party from the agents of impunity without success. The story of Sega Declaration is a story for another day but its important to note that its the reason George Oner, Sylvanus Osele, Ken Obura, Agostinho Neto, David Ochieng lost their spaces within the party. Gladys Wanga, Millie Odhiambo, Ken Okoth and Junet Mohamed retreated early enough and changed their strategy.

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The emergence of Junet Mohamed, Gladys Wanga and Opiyo Wandayi in Nyanza politics is something everyone in the region acknowledge. The three are hugely popular with the electorates, have been very loyal to the party leader and have cut national images, both in parliament and outside. They could not be stopped. I have mentioned the three because it’s important to note in the schemes of post Raila Odinga succession politics, their influence is very minimal as per the schemers estimations.

Omiyo, take a walk to your constituency and name the ODM nominee and honestly analyse their chances of success politically speaking beyond 2017. You can only point Samuel Atandi and Mark Nyamita as the only vibrant nominees.

As I said earlier, I won’t delve into the details but the fall of Gem MP Hon Jakoyo Midiwo is a as a result of the schemes over Raila Odinga Succession on Nyanza.

Politics is a game of numbers. Its also a game of money. To play politics at the national level, you need money. To play serious politics at the county level, you need money. In Nyanza, there are very few politicians with money. Jakom, Kidero, Jakoyo and Gumbo. Apart from money, one need proper network at the national level.

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Apart from Raila Odinga and Kidero, it’s only Jakoyo Midiwo who has created network in the Republic. This can be attributed to his long stay in parliament, loyalty to the party, his position as minority chief whip and his level of debates in parliament which has earned him a lot of admiration nationally.

He had to be stopped. He had to be stopped with all perceived to be his sympathisers.

As a community, we need someone like Jakoyo in parliament. Someone who can defend the interest of the community at the national level.

Omiyo, we should not allow succession politics to destroy the good politicians we have. Jogem must vote Otada back to parliament.

The details about succession schemes will only be divulged after the elections.

Written by Lee Makwiny

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