How ODM Bungled the West Kanyamkago Nomination

NASA Presidential Flag bearer, Raila Odinga
The ODM nomination process for West Kanyamkago Ward Uriri sub-county (constituency) was marred with irregularities and therefore the provisional certificate issued to one Peter Mijungu is illegal.
First there were no enough ballot papers in more than half of the polling stations that is Kambogo, Ong’enga, Dak Otunga, Milimani, God’ jaoko, Midida, Nyabinga, Puche, Gogo, Ongo’ro. That during the issuance of the inadequate ballot papers no aspirant was present except the guy who worn who was as well escorting the ballot boxes.
That a gazzetted polling station like God Jaoko there was no voting until 4 p.m and the winner got 27 votes out of 600 possible registered voters. A gazetted polling station like Milimani had no voting until 2 p. m where the winner got 44 votes out of the registered voters close to 500. That a place like Nyabinga exercize books bought by peter were used and counted as valid votes in the absence of ballot papers while this was restricted in other stations where his popularity was very low. That he won in polling stations like Osongo and Oyani where the voting was allowed up to 9:00 pm and the ballot box also had ordinary exercise books as well used contrary to party regulations.
That at a gazetted polling stations like Midida, the winner got 85 out of the possible registered voters of 700. That due to this failure the RO for Uriri sub-county was arrested but the process was allowed to continue on 24th April 2017.
It is unfortunate to learn that a ward like West Kanyamkago with more than 13000 registered voters only voting for about 5 000 people happened and designed to favour one Peter Mijungu and disadvantage the other candidates.
We PRAY FOR THE verification of these facts and nullify the election for west Kanyamkago for a free and fair nomination process

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