NYS Director Kiplimo Rugut Sacked through SMS and Replaced by Dr. Githinji

Dr Anne Waiguru is making all changes she wants in the govt and she claims that she need not consult anyone including the President. The god lady who is known to be close to President Uhuru and even said to have kids looking like the President, sacked Jasper Kiplimo Rugut and replaced him with Dr Nelson Githinji who is a former State House comptroller.

Sources close to Kiplimo Rugut reveal that the former PC was sent an SMS directing him to stay away from the NYS HQs as he has been replaced.

The change means that now the top 3 bosses of NYS are all from one community. Dr Githinji will be deputised by Chege Muchiri and Samwel Michuki. Ethnic alienation in various govt departments has gained steam in the one year old Uhuru led government with a silent policy of exclusion being practised right from the office of the President.

Key ministries and departments are either led or controlled by people from the President’s ethnicity raising questions even within Jubilee whether other Kenyans should not feel part of the govt.

In an interview with a local newspaper, Dr Waiguru bragged that she owed nobody an apology nor an explanation on why she sacked the NYS boss without any valid reason. She said that govt officers need no reason to be moved as she is boss and she has right to make changes she deemed necessary.

The ethnically aligned media stations have given a blind eye to the ethnic exclusion and marginalisation being practised in this govt.

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