Nyeri Woman Goes on LIVE UK TV to Accuse Son of Destroying Her Sex TOYS

A Kenyan woman from Nyeri has appeared on a British TV show to accuse her son of breaking everything in her house including her sex toys. The 47 year old Nyeri born woman who has been living and working in UK accused her teenage son of destroying her stuff during a live screening of the Jeremy Kyle TV show.

She accused the son of breaking her toilet seat, car, sex toys and other pricey possessions as her son defended himself vehemently on the TV show. She claimed that the son cut off the tickling spikes on her dildo making them lose the important effect during use.

It is not clear what the names of the lady are but she must be very passionate about what she owns as she didn’t bat an eye-lid accusing the son of the so serious domestic crimes. The TV audience enjoyed much of her appearance as she was brave enough to demand that her son go through the lie-detector test which he passed.

Watch the whole show below. Get the Nyeri woman from the 32.20 minutes point onwards. This is serious.

If you know the family, leave the ID by commenting below.

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