Nurses’ Union Officials Exchange Blows On Live Television (Video)

nurses strike
Nurses demonstrate in Kisii. / COURTESY
nurses strike
Nurses demonstrate in Kisii. / COURTESY

Kenya Union of Nurses officials on Friday exchanged blows during a live presser addressing the ongoing nurses’ strike.

The public address almost turned chaotic after an opposing party led by Maurice Opetu, Secretary General, invaded KNUN’s chair, John Bii. John who was ousted as the KNUN chair but obtained an injunction overturning the decision.

John had termed the strike illegal before the rival faction interrupted him.

Mr Opetu and his team have consistently held that the Chairman (Mr Bii) and Secretary General, Seth Panyako, of being compromised and using their positions for political mileage.

The Opetu-led faction confronted Mr Bii’s team on live TV threatening to rough him and his team up if he did not stop the address and leave the venue.

For over five minutes, the members were involved in a heated verbal altercation with some members threatening to go physical.

It took the intervention of the police to quell the altercation forcing Mr Bii and his team to leave the venue.

Mr Opetu and team accused Mr Bii of pocketing money from the government to call off the strike, something the later has always refuted.

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