How NTV’s Dennis Okari Bought the #CertificatesOfDoom Exposé from KTN


So Dennis Okari is back at NTV. After a very short stint at BBC. With the mediocrity I am about to reveal, he was not going to survive at BBC. He left as fast as he went. BBC journalism standards are a bit high for the simpletons in Kenyan media houses.

NTV is about to run a piece about fake degrees/certificates in Nairobi. It is running at 9pm. The piece came into being after a freelancer representing the interests of former Assistant Minister Kilemi Mwiria at United Africa College (UAC). The UAC saw the need to do an investigative piece about Nairobi Aviation College after 6 former staff of the college moved to the former.

The six former Nairobi Aviation staff members are;

  • Ngaruthi Abraham
  • Mworia Kabunga
  • Simon Mureithi
  • Mwendwa Nelson
  • Oracha Maurice
  • Martin Mutunga

So Kilemi Mwiria who blocked NAC from being accredited as a university but had the likes of Zetech get the accreditation, is the man behind the NTV Certificates of Doom piece.

KTN team of Peter Mutuma and Abdirahman Isaac went to Nairobi Aviation sometime in 2014 claiming that they were investigating frauds in the college where some fraudsters were issuing fake certificates to unsuspecting Kenyans. While preparing to get the NAC story, Peter received a message from a staff at NAC which the management saw and told Peter that he was not unbiased so they would only deal with someone else.

When the NTV started running the multimedia and newspaper promos, NAC contacted the station asking why a promotion is being run to “unearth irregularities” about them while they were never spoken to? Dennis Okari first gave the NAC manager bouncing dates until one day when he realised that the college was planning to go to court when he invited them to the station headquarters at Nation Centre.

Court Order Served on Nation Media Group



The managers arrived at 9am but Dennis and the NTV team kept them till 3.30pm when they left realising that they were being taken in circles. Nairobi Aviation went to court and got a court injunction preventing the station from running the story but despite crying to Kenyans that Communication Authority is ignoring court orders, NTV is proving to be part of the prince of impunity by ignoring a court order they very well received.

I am not saying that Nairobi Aviation is a credible college but justice is so clear that even if you find someone raping your mum, legal process dictates that he be heard in front of unbiased court with each side bringing its story. The judge here are the viewers. NTV is for the quick kill because Kilemi Mwiria’s college paid Emmanuel Juma and Dennis Okari to fix a competitor.

If the story was an honest piece, all the colleges in town churning fake degrees could have been focused on. But the focus is on Nairobi Aviation College because of the interest of the NTV managers. Emmanuel Juma is the same man who is always running to Jacob Juma for money to fund his womanising.

Since NTV revealed how Nairobi Aviation College, it would be interesting to see if it will focus on the following who are alumni of the college.

  1. Enock Sickolia – NTV
  2. John Kago – KBC News Anchor
  3. Beatrice Magenga – Radio Maisha
  4. Sereta Maurice – One FM
  5. Victor Oloo – One FM
  6. John Jacob Kiona – KBC News
  7. Indimuli – KBC Radio
  8. Nyundo – Pwani FM
  9. Nganga Muiru – Citizen TV
  10. Bundi – NTV Cameraman
  11. Benjamin Koriat – NOSM FM
  12. Veronicah Okutoyi – Mulembe FM
  13. Shadrack Mutai – Kass FM
  14. Henry Kwenya – Standard Newspaper
  15. Berveline – Standard
  16. Ruto – Standard
  17. Owen Owino – KTN
  18. Njoki Karanja – Milele FM




Written by Robert

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