NTV Journalist Foolishly Insult Kenyans Based on His Own Ignorance

Ken Mijungu

Ken Mijungu is an NTV reporter who need to research on his subjects well. His shallowness is only second to the madondo (Sorry brother-in-law) thing’s.

He decided to ask why Kenyans never celebrate “real heroes” in an apt but poorly researched and executed NTV fit only for the 3-Stones TV. The only person satisfied with the piece is Ken himself. In the piece which came about after almost nobody in the country recognised World Marathon record breaker’s arrival in the country.

Dennis Kimetto who broke the World Record in the Berlin Marathon was received by nobody else beyond his close family and few Athletic Kenya officials. Ken asked why Kenyans receive Raila and Uhuru and not Dennis Kimetto. Yes, Ken is jealous because his imagined heroes are not everyone’s heroes. There is nothing the few athletics champs mostly from the Kalenjin community have done beyond their villages. Do I get a raise or complementary services because a Kenyan won some Marathon?

Ken Mijungu’s rant on how Kenyans don’t recognise Ken’s version of heroes

What has Athletics Kenya done to promote the sport beyond the default existence of terrain fit to nurture such a talent? Do you think that nobody from North Eastern, Eastern, Coast, Nyanza or Western Province can win a marathon? What is AK doing to properly promote the local and international events where Kenyans are participating? How many local TV stations invest in streaming races where Kenyans are participating, live?

Uhuru and Ruto promoted their going to the Hague and made their political constituencies own it. It is not something that the perceived supporters dreamt of and did. They were offered a chance to go receive their “heroes” who were being “persecuted” by the “colonialists.” The same with Raila’s supporters. In fact, only the CORD and ODM leaders organised the Raila’s JKIA reception. Most supporters were told to wait at Uhuru Park. They arrived in numbers. Many were ferried from all corners of the country.

German, Brazil and other sports federations invest in marketing their achievements. Ignorance is making shallow journalists blame citizens for the mistakes of sports federations and the media. How much is NTV spending in promoting local sports? How many times have they bid to broadcast local matches live? Are they not only waiting to go to court when the Chinese at StarTimes and South Africans at DSTV win rights to stream such events?

While Ken was writing his ignorance-based piece, BBC and NBC sports which NTV and other local media so worship, recognised how “Kenyans gave Dennis Kimetto a Hero’s Welcome.”

Please, don’t blame Kenyans for your ignorance. Blame yourself.

Written by Robert

Respected Kenyan blogger, tech evangelist, and social justice activist. Robert is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle @RobertAlai or Facebook page (


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