NMG to Replace Linus Kaikai With Rose Kimotho as Head of Broadcast Division

After Matiangi decided to curb government spending on the media, the same government has been covered less but Raila covered more even though the chauvinists in the media run with ethnic lenses have not given the CORD leader any positive coverage.

Now government is planning a fight back with major adverts slotted for the media in the coming weeks. National and county governments will run serious campaigns in the media with a key segment of those adverts reserved for PR articles and clips. In the meantime, there is strong evidence that Nation Media Group (NMG) might be trying to resurrect the media career of K24 and Kameme FM founder, Rose Kimotho.

The lady who went ahead and found the 3 Stones TV which is exclusive on Zuku platform, is said to be slated to join Nation Media Group as Broadcast Division Managing Director to replace Ian Fernandes. The position is currently held by Linus Kaikai in an acting capacity but most of the top honchos at NMG neither trusts Linus Kaikai nor respects him especially after impregnating so many former and current staffers at NMG and using his influence in NMG to besmirch the character of gospel guru Emily Kosgei.

Linus could not get over the fact that Emily Kosgei refused to marry him after being dissuaded by her dad and so weeks before the marriage of Emily to her current Nigerian husband, Linus Kaikai sold fake stories to ignorant gossip writers in Nation and Standard to destroy the marriage of Emily. Emily found out that Linus Kaikai has multiple kids out of wedlock when Linus had an accident and was admitted at Nairobi hospital. Many women visited him with kids who were copyright image of Kaikai.

With that, trust on him was lost and many senior managers at NMG doesn’t trust him much. Many mangers also believe that he doesn’t have proper management skills especially on revenue generation and quick decision making.

So NMG has offered to buy a stake in 3 Stones TV. Part of the deal will be that Rose Kimotho join NMG as the boss in the broadcast division.

We will wait to see how this will play out.

Written by Robert

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