NITA Employees Being Redeployed Outside Their Field Of Expertise To Frustrate Them

Kahawa Tungu‘s investigative desk has delved deeper into the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) issue, after discovering that there is more than meets the eye in the saga.

The bigger scandal revolves around the Human Resource Management Director Mr Julius Olayo who was unceremoniously ejected from Kenya Service and the Independent Police Oversight Authority for misconduct.

Through connections at NITA, Olayo got a job in 2014 at the institution. Since then, he has wielded absolute personalised power and influence courtesy to open support from a few board members who include Mr Ernest Nadome, Ms Jacqueline Anyango Mugo and Mr Benson Okwaro.

According to reliable sources within NITA, Olayo, with the support of the board members has been redeploying staff in a manner that does not obey the rules on job description, specification, skills, expertise, designation, experience and generally career progression guidelines. There has therefore been a deliberate and haphazard deployment of staff across sections, departments, with staff not knowing what they are supposed to be doing.

His main aim in this exercise is to frustrate staffers he does not like, so that they can leave the organisation to create space for his cronies.

Among the employees who have inappropriately redeployed by Mr Olayo include Rose Nyambeda who was the head of HR unit before Olayo. She was redeployed to Athi River in 2016 to do hospitality duties.

Zachary Mutonga former Kenya Technical Training Institute principal lecturer and industrial training officer was transferred to Athi River to do unclear administrative duties, with an aim of making him get frustrated and leave.

Another one, Benson Njagi, former senior ICT and industrial training officer was redeployed to Athi River to do unclear duties. The same happened to Ben Ogutu who was a senior training levy inspector redeployed to Kisumu to do unclear planning duties.

Mr Bartous who was a senior levy inspector was also redeployed to NIVTC to do non- existent duties, as he has no training in industrial training duties. Stephen Kiruku,a levy inspector was redeployed to Mombasa to do non-existent planning work.

John Kamau, an accountant was redeployed to Athi River where there are already two
accountants in a small training centre. The same fate befell Alex Seki, a training levy inspector redeployed to do unclear duties in Mombasa.

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Edith Mulaa, a training levy inspector was not spared either as she was redeployed to industrial training although she has no experience and training on industrial training duties. Mr Langat, a masonry artisan and one other officer, a carpenter were transferred to Athi
River yet no such trades are offered for instruction in Athi River. The two officers are
idling there earning salaries for no work done.

In another career mismatch redeployment, Paul Litaba, textile lecturer and graphics designer was sent to work as a levy inspector. The same happened to  Bernard Okemwa, a lecturer of mathematics who was redeployed as levy inspector.

The aforementioned and other officers are earning salaries with no contribution to NITA business as they have been improperly and irregularly deployed to areas they have no
skills, expertise, experience, training and orientation, just out of Olayo’s spite.

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Written by Kahawa Tungu


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