Corruption Scandals Are A Ploy To Finish DP Ruto – Ndii Claims

ndii, ruto

ndii, rutoEconomic strategist and key NASA point-man David Ndii weighed in on the corruption scandals that have rocked the country; NYS, NCPB, Kenya Power and Kenya Pipeline.

Ndii, while speaking to KTN on Sunday said that the corruption revelations are part of a sinister plan to ‘finish’ Deputy President William Ruto politically.

The economist said that the corruption scandals are a well thought-out plan by a few individuals in order to scuttle his 2022 presidential bid.

“It’s like in the Bible where Jesus cast out demons from people and put them in pigs and then the pigs went over a cliff. So if you want to sanitise Uhuru Kenyatta, you have to cast out the demon of corruption (that occurred) over the first four years which he presided over and put it somewhere.

“The convenient place to put this is in William Ruto and his patronage network. So what you are seeing is an exercise of self-preservation and I think it is the wrong way to go about it,” he told KTN News.

Also part of the panel was government spokesperson, Erick Kiraithe refuted Ndii’s claims saying that ‘deputy president is part and parcel of the efforts to fight corruption in Kenya.’

“This is not a political game. It is about accounting for public money. Seeming to ride a dead political horse over the bitterness of a lost election for far too long is beside the point,” Kiraithe said.

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The DP sent a warning to all those involved in the aforementioned scandals saying that they will all ‘carry their own cross.’

“The corrupt should not run to their communities or political parties for protection. We will not sacrifice the progress of Kenya to satisfy the greed of few individuals. This time around they will not get off the hook. They will be held accountable,” the DP said.

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