Nation Media Refuses to Apologise After Photoshopping Ruto on to a CORD Rally Crowd


It is the season of political campaigns in Kenya. The media in the country is far from neutral. The loyality is between the main contenders  Uhuru Kenyaatta or Raila Odinga. Daily Nation which is largely owned by the moneyed elite who support Uhuru’s candidature did a blunder today of photoshopping the image of Uhuru Kenyatta’s running mate, William Ruto, on to a photo of a crowd at yesterday’s CORD rally.

The embarrassing image has awaken debate on social media on the neutrality of the Kenyan media. Nation Media has totally refused to apologise saying that the images are different. The image is above and you can make your own judgement. The image in Daily Nation’s explanation is not the said image. It looks like one meant to cause more confusion.

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